'The cost of losing a staff member in their first year of employment is estimated at 3x their annual salary, plus the hire cost of approximately 25% to 30%, and research indicates that 47% of staff turnover occurs within the first 6 months of employment.'

Skills Development

The reality is we are all in sales, no matter what your job title.
Ignore this reality at the risk of your commercial success.

Investing in your people and your business means developing skills in your current team:

time management
effective meetings management
presentation skills
selling skills
account management
manager as coach
coaching for sales results and
Communication skills
Influencing skills
Personal effectiveness
train the trainer

We can also help you develop tools and processes to streamline and reduce your people challenges :

induction and on-boarding processes
rewards and recognition schemes
learning and development strategy
workforce planning
employee retention tactics
succession planning

*To calculate the percentage, number of employee departures your company has experienced in the last year divided by the total number of employees over the last year. Then multiply that number by 100.